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Music video for Royal Park Murder case

Colombo saw a gruesome ‘society’ murder when Shramantha Jayamaha killed Yvonne Jhonssen in 2005, . These 19 year olds were rich, beautiful and ‘of a certain class’ so the brutal killing was a shock to everyone. After a night of club hopping, Shramantha seems to have got into an argument with Yvonne and viciously bludgeoned her head against the concrete and down the stairs, shattering her skull, The Sunday Times has a good timeline, though the analysis at the end is bunk. The news today is that the Court Of Appeal has changed Shramantha’s 12 year sentence to death. Which is pretty intense.

රෝයල් පාක් පෙම් වියරුව මියුසික් වීඩියෝවකට නැගේ..
‘පෝරකයෙන් අවසන් වූ රෝයල් පාක් පෙම් වියරුව’ මියුසික් වීඩියෝවකට නැගේ..

Music video for Royal Park Murder case

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