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Sinhala Aluth Awurudu Lagna pala pala 2013

Sinhala Aluth Avurudda

Sinhala Aluth Avurudda was celebrated in the Kandyan Kingdom as a national festival under the patronage of the kings. This was done in keeping with the rituals. The astrologers worked out Nekath (auspicious times) to perform the rituals in order to bring about prosperity and happiness to the people and country.

Sinhala Avurudda dawns when the Sun moves from Meena Rashiya to Mesha Rashiya completing a cycle of a twelve-month period. The transition time know as "Sanskranthi" takes place on April 13 or 14. It is during this period that some of the rituals are performed to mark this important event of the year.

The dawn of Aluth Avurudda signifies social customs and good behaviour of the Sinhala people. The majority of the people being farmers, after their major harvest "Maha" of the year is over, celebrate the occasion in the form of giving thanks. The customs and rituals portray the beliefs and thinking of the people whose life is centred around agriculture.

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