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Artist Biographies

  • Pitiduwe Siridhamma thera's speech at Buddhist ceramony

    The benefits of meditation

    If we are going to devote some time to our meditation practice, we want to know that the effort is worth it. It’s reassuring to know that not only generations of Buddhist masters, but increasingly also modern researchers, attest to the fact that meditation leads to increased levels of wellbeing. Psychologists have found, for example, that “Loving Kindness meditations can have positive effects, in particular in terms of improving one’s resources and wellbeing”, and can even – literally and figuratively – positively affect the very rhythm of our hearts.

    Research on the effects of focussing on the intricate and beautiful buddha forms used as meditation objects in Diamond Way Buddhist meditations has found that meditating on buddha forms improves visual-spatial processing in the brain.

    And if that’s not enough for the more worldly among us, it’s even been shown that meditating Buddhists make more rational economic decisions. Something to think about when planning your pension, or when hitchhiking home after your next trip to the casino.
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  • Jaguar new F-Type R Coupé launched

    Jaguar's new two-door coupe is based on the C-X16 concept car that got a lot of motoring journalists hot under the collar when it was revealed in 2011, and thanks to a bruising 5-liter, supercharged V8 engine under the hood, the range-topping ‘R' model is more than just a pretty face.

    But it's not all brute force, there are also one or two high-tech touches keeping the car's 550 horsepower in check, notably an electronic active differential and a new Torque Vectoring system for controlling the feed of power to individual wheels. But it's also good to see that much of the car's handling and road holding are thanks to things like a very rigid yet lightweight shell that will keep the car flatter in corners. It also has carbon ceramic matrix brakes and an eight-speed sequential gearbox.

    The cabin is awash with leather and suede in a nod to the historic Jaguars that have come before, while the roof can be specified in glass for a full panoramic view, without sacrificing any of the car's rigidity or performance.

    Although two cheaper, less powerful versions are available (the standard F-Type and the F-Type S), in the UK the F-Type R Coupé will cost £85,000 (€100,000) which puts it on a collision course with the BMW 6 Series, Mercedes SL, Porsche 911, and potentially the Audi R8. And, as good looking as the F-Type is, it has yet to match its European rivals in terms of performance, creature comforts or active driver aids.
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  • Deeksha Seth Indian Actress and model new wallpapers

    Deeksha Seth was born on February 14, 1990.She is born in Delhi, India.Deeksha Seth’s nicknames is Bhairavi. Deeksha Seth is one of the most famous beautiful and charming actress of the Indian Bollywood film industry. Deeksha Seth has attractive personality with Black hair, Brown eyes,

    Deeksha Seth is a well known social actress in this way she dated many directors, producers and co-stars his best boyfriend is Manoj Manchu. Deeksha Seth has worked in a lot of Bollywood films as an leading Actress. Deeksha Seth has nominated many movie film-fare Award for best Actress. Deeksha Seth’s hit films as Wanted (2011),Rajapattai (2011),Nippu (2012),Uu Kodathara? Ulikki Padathara? (2012),Rebel (2012),Vettai Mannan (2013) etc. Deeksha Seth is well known and highly reputed actress in the Bollywood film Industry . Deeksha Seth’s alot of movies are selected by the millions of enthusiast . Deeksha Seth was criticized in various Bollywood movies. Deeksha Seth is not just popular in India but having a extreme value lovers all over the world.

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  • How to select best Beauty saloon or spa

    Both men and women with their every day busy schedule, it is not possible to maintain a beauty and skin care treatments. One-stop beauty shops are gaining huge popularity among people from all sections. As demand keeps growing for such services, more and more salons are coming up, all claiming to offer the very best at affordable prices. The fact remains is that few service providers has the necessary expertise and proficiency in this field. Hence, it becomes very essential to choose the best beauty salon which not only offer profitable service deals but high standard of services. Given below are few points which should be taken into consideration while selecting a particular salon:-

    •Check out the services offered by the salon shop

    Different people have their unique needs when it comes to visiting a salon. Hence, the salon opted by you should offer all sorts of spa and salon services under the single roof. These services may include hair spa & treatments, hair styling, facials, massage, manicure, pedicure, make-up and all other related assistance. When you approach a beauty shop, make sure to check out its service chart or otherwise you can explore its website too.

    •Quality of services and expertise of professionals

    It is always recommended that you visit a beauty salon which offers best quality beauty services only. The advantage of visiting a famous service provider is that they employ trained and experienced professionals who take care of every minute detail while offering the treatment. Nowadays there are many parlors which have turned to organic beauty treatments.

    •Beauty products and equipments the parlor offers

    Since beauty treatment is all about offering the right service with the right product, so you can always enquirer beforehand about the kind of products used by the beauty shop for the facial, massage and other treatment purposes. Products from reputed brand don’t have any adverse effect on your skin or hair. The shop should be properly equipped with necessary beauty equipments and cleanly maintained too. Apart from these above mentioned points, there is another important factor to be considered too. Is the beauty salon visit pinching your pocket? While it is never advised that you select the parlor based solely on the price factor, but you just can’t overlook this aspect too. Thus a best approach is to compare the services and price ranges of few parlors from your preferred locality. If personal visit is not possible then you can take a look at their websites. Once you find the initial info satisfactory, then request for an appointment.
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  • Akalanka's new girlfriend Shachini - Gossip Lanka News

    Withanaarchchige Chamara Akalanka Ganegama is a Sri Lankan cricketer. He participate sirasa dancing start competition as well as he did a song with iraj called " harima haday ". Here are some photoes of Akalanka with his girl friend.

    A more recent major effort at the national level was undertaken by the Campaign for Women’s Health. This coalition of more than 100 local, state, and national organizations began as a working group under the auspices of the Older Women’s League. The Campaign became the most vocal advocate for women’s interests in nhi during the Clinton Administration’s attempt at health care reform. The work of the Campaign was based on a set of principles that look much like the ones articulated by SACRRW, although they were more elaborate and included the importance of a women's health research agenda.
    Working with women’s health providers, activists, and others, we (I was the director of the Campaign) crafted a Model Benefits Package for Women (MBP), which spelled out in detail the comprehensive services needed by women in a reformed health system or national health program. Carol Weisman, in her book Women’s Health Care: Activist Traditions and Institutional Change, said the MBP "may be the best available collaborative statement of what women want in their health care." The MBP states that "All services which are necessary or appropriate for the maintenance and promotion of women’s health should be included in a benefits package." For instance, the section on primary and preventive care calls for a shift toward services that are low-cost and provide hands-on care from a range of health practitioners in outpatient settings. The section on reproductive health care states that the full complement of reproductive services are an integral part of women’s health and well-being and that these services must include maternity care, family planning, abortion, infertility, and care for sexually transmitted diseases in addition to the periodic gynecologic history and exam. The section on long-term care for women calls for a continuum of home, community, and institutional settings for medical services, health care, personal care, nutrition, counseling, and social services.
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